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art for your senses

a | r | t - s t u d i o is finally online! Thank you for your patience. We are still updating our back catalogue and are in the process of streamlining the ordering process. But new works are appearing for your viewing pleasure.

Guest artists welcome! a | r | t - s t u d i o is now soliciting works from guest artists. We accept listings of contemporary art, although traditional works may be included on a case by case basis. This is a great way to increase your exposure of new works. You can find our current guest artist catalog in the catalog section right along our regular listings. If you wish to be listed as a guest artist, drop us a note via the contact form.

a | r | t - s t u d i o is sponsored by root-studio, an audio and multi media production facility in southern Germany near the beautiful Starnberger See.

Ekaterina Yastrebova, founding member of a | r | t - studio, on the significance of children in her art.

Anatol Locker
Anatol Locker of art invaders posts part of his catalogue with a | r | t - studio. Visit the guest artist section in the art catalog for more details.